Welcome to “Pages of Faith”. This is a blog dedicated to the thought of HaRav Aharon Lichtenstein. Contained within it will be periodic blog posts recording conversations between talmidim and Rav Lichtenstein on a variety of contemporary topics. Other ideas and thoughts of Rav Lichtenstein will also be posted, and anyone is welcome to comment and add to the discussion. If you have any thoughts or ideas regarding Rav Lichtenstein’s views and opinions, please post them in the “Thoughts and Ideas” section. If you have a question which you would like forwarded to Rav Lichtenstein for public discussion, please enter it in the “Questions” section. We aim to forward at least one question once every few weeks.


2 thoughts on “Shalom!

  1. joel rich

    To a great extent, certain segments of our world – charedim have it much better on this now – although at times they had disasters with this – the Jewish world in Eastern Europe between the World Wars – the decline in שמירת שבת was frightening – today they have a strong hold on their people, but in the Modern Orthodox world it’s more common. Sometimes people then draw the conclusion – why didn’t I become charedi 30 years ago – but usually when that conclusion is drawn it’s too late, and that doesn’t always work, either.
    1. Are there any studies available that support the assertion that current OTD rates differ between the MO and chareidi community? Between the US and Israel chareidi communities?

    2.It will be interesting to see longitudinal studies of OTD rates when the demographic chickens come home to roost in Eretz Yisrael (hopefully mashiach will come first and this won’t be an issue)


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